In three weeks, developers from around the world will converge on Portland, Oregon for O’Reilly Media’s annual open source conference, OSCON. The gathering of 2,000+ open source enthusiasts will take place July 22-26 at the Oregon Convention Center in the City of Roses.

This year 19 Googlers will be hosting sessions on a variety of topics with dozens more attending the open source conference. A list of all of the talks hosted by Googlers can be found below in chronological order.

Monday, July 22nd
9:00am    Ronald Minnich and Stefan Reinauer “Coreboot Tutorial
1:30pm    Francesc Campoy Flores “Introduction to Go

Wednesday, July 24th
1:40pm    Johan Euphrosine “How Learning Go Made Me A Better Programmer
2:30pm    Francesc Campoy Flores “Go Best Practices
4:10pm    Alice Boxhall and Rachel Shearer “Testing for accessibility
                Caskey Dickson “While (true) do; how hard can it be to keep running?
7:00pm    Google Open Source Team “Google Summer of Code Birds of a Feather” - check the BoF Board onsite for                              location

Thursday, July 25th
10:40am   Alex Martelli “‘Good enough’ is good enough!
                Augie Fackler and Nathaniel Manista “The End Of Object Inheritance & The Beginning of Anti-Rumsfeldian                                Modularity
1:40pm    Tim Bray “Reducing Identity Pain
                Gustavo Franco “Go Language for Ops and Site Reliability Engineering
4:10pm    Stuart Langley, moderator; Amy Unruh, panelist “Building Scalable PHP Applications Using Google’s App                                Engine
                 Wesley Chun “Python 103: Memory Model & Best Practices

Friday, July 26th
10:00am    Brad Fitzpatrick “ powered by Go
11:00am    Chris DiBona, Shawn Pearce and Carol Smith “The Google Open Source Update

We hope to see you at OSCON!

By Stephanie Taylor, Open Source Programs